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Information security

Yamada Translation Bureau has been certified for international information security management system (ISMS) standard ISO27001 since December 26, 2011.
Many of our translation and proofreading orders are from major pharmaceutical companies and university hospital physicians. As the need for information security awareness increases, our clients now expect very strict handling of their information – as they should.
Our ISO27001 certification shows that third parties acknowledge that our information security management meets international standards. As in the past and now, we continue to handle client information assets with maximum care in protecting them from potential threats and continuously improving our information security management.

Information security management measures

Our strict security management measures help prevent adverse information incidents.

Nondisclosure agreements with external contractors

All of our outside contractors -- both individuals and enterprises -- sign nondisclosure agreements before they being consigned any work, however small.

Password protection of email attachments

All files and information sent by email are protected by passwords and similar methods.


Clear off-hour desk and lock and key policies

No documents remain on employee desks after hours and all information and documents are securely locked up to ensure safe keeping.

Clear secure office area access

Office visitors are only allowed in clearly defined, limited nonworking areas.


Data backup

Server data is backed daily at designated times.

Self-inspection record keeping

Staff members regularly check their information security management areas to maintain high security awareness by all.