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Information security

Yamada Translation Bureau has been certified for international quality management system (QMS) standard ISO9001 since December 17, 2013.
Based on our robust QMS, we are constantly improving our service quality and raising levels of customer satisfaction.

Quality control measures

We have put quality control measures in place as follows to upgrade our services.

Applying translation and proofreading checklists

Before returning translated and proofread documents to customers, staff members carefully check them against comprehensive standardized checklists to be sure that they meet our high quality criteria. We also work to improve document quality.

Employing carefully selected and specialized translators

Our translators are highly experienced and have developed specialized knowledge to meet unique vocabulary and other requirements. Translators must demonstrate their capabilities by passing tests before registering with us.


Evaluating translators

Our translators are regularly evaluated and information on them is shared company-wide to ensure that the best and most knowledgeable translators are assigned to each and every job.

Holding in-house and outside seminars

We hold internal seminars featuring lectures by industry experts and take part in outside seminars to gain update further specialized knowledge.


Surveying customer satisfaction

We survey customers to hear their opinions directly so that we can improve translation quality and other services.