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Dissertation correction service

About Editing and Proofing of Manuscripts


How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the document.
We quote our prices free of charge.  Please feel free to make an inquiry.

How long does it take?

If the document is about 10 billing page long, it takes about 1 week to check and 2 weeks to edit. It may take more time depending on the season. Please feel free to make an inquiry.

How is the billing page defined?

Our billing page is 22 lines of 55 characters each.

How do I order a Check?

Please make an inquiry and email the manuscript to us. We will let you know the cost and delivery date. If you prefer to fax your manuscript or send it by post, that is fine, too. We will start working on your manuscript after your approval. With regard to delivery, we usually email your manuscript, but we can fax it or send it by post if you like.

Can you tell me the qualification and background of the editor?

Our translators and editors are well qualified and have relevant experience in the fields of the documents they translate. We cannot disclose their names and personal history due to our privacy policy, but we can give you a summary of their education and job experience. Please feel free to make an inquiry.

Can you handle specialized fields?

Our editor has over 20 years of experience and can handle most medical fields, but if you have questions, please feel free to inquire.

What are the differences between Check and Edit?

Check is a review and rewrite of grammatical errors and erroneous technical terms. Edit is a review of inconsistencies in the manuscript and a rewrite according to journal submission guidelines in addition to what is covered in Check.

Is Edit good for any journal submission?

Yes, it is. It should be good for any journal submission.

Can you submit my manuscript after the Edit?

We provide all the processes involving journal submission including communication with journals. Please feel free to inquire.

Do I get charged for asking questions after Check or Edit?

There are no charges for asking questions after Check or Edit, but if we have to review the manuscript again, we must charge for it.

Can you give advice on which journals I should submit my manuscript to?

Yes, we can. If you like, our editor will suggest journals for submission, but we cannot guarantee whether the manuscript will be accepted or not.

Can I request the same checker or editor?

Yes, you can. There may be times when the checker or editor is assigned to other work, so they cannot work on your manuscript immediately, or we may need to ask you for more time.